Your First Visit

You’re coming to an All Dental office because you want to see a dentist. Not be stuck on a clipboard. Let’s make it easy and download all our patient information forms now below. Simply complete the forms and bring them to your first visit. Just another way All Dental makes it easy for you. 

Let’s work together to give you a healthy smile. Let’s start today.  Schedule an appointment online or call  (773) 555-2343.

Your smile is in safe hands.

We get it. Visiting the dentist isnt the funnest thing you can do today. But we promise we will make you comfortable, give you our best care, utmost respect, and help you get on with your day. Our office is blossoming with friendly, positive and understanding people who know exactly what you’re feeling. We’re here to serve you, every step of the way!

Committed to Dental Excellence

We begin every day reinvigorating our goals to giving you an extraordinary experience so that you walk out the door with your best smile. The entire team at your office is dedicated to giving you clear explanations, quality care and utmost respect. With a few laughs along the way. You deserve it!

What happens at my first visit?

You will meet with your dentist to talk about your medical history. If you have any oral health worries or fears, you can feel comfortable sharing them with him or her—your comfort is most important, so we encourage you to ask questions.

You will get a careful oral examination by your dentist, who will check for things like tooth decay, gum disease and other things that can affect not just your mouth, but your overall health. X-rays and panoramic radiographs will be taken. Panoramic radiographs help your dentist view unerupted or impacted teeth and can detect lesion or fractures of the jaw. Then your dentist will discuss the comprehensive treatment plan he or she has developed specifically for you. Your dentist will exemplify the benefits of treatment. Your treatment plan is designed to prevent small issues from getting bigger and more expensive. 

You may get a teeth cleaning on this visit, or it may be scheduled for a follow-up visit. From start to finish, this first visit will most likely last 1-1 1/2 hours so we can make sure we’ve given your smile the attention it needs.

What to bring with you

Let’s make sure your visit a piece of cake. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Dental X-rays from the last six months.
  • We can take X-rays if you don’t have them.
  • Your medical and dental history info, including any medications you’re taking
  • Your dental insurance card (if you have insurance)
  • Your parent if you’re under 18 (or if you’re over 18, but just want the company)

Want to get a head start on the forms ahead of time? You can download them to the left of this page and print and complete them at home.